I love you 3,000

Can’t say they didn’t warn us. After close to two weeks of notching over 2,000 daily Covid-19 cases, we return to the 3,000s. For two days in a row!

In other news, the gomen makes UK’s AstraZeneca vaccine optional; the powers that be weigh in on excessive fines for MCO violations; it’s farewell to UPSR; and will Undi18 be going ahead after all?

What the hell happened to A. Ganapathy?

Calls mount for an independent probe into the latest death from alleged police brutality. We just have one word – IPCMC.

Cops, meanwhile, go after the media for “rape threat a joke” lead. Elsewhere, a celeb walking away with an RM20k fine while tiny traders are hit with an RM50k one hits a sour note; and ex-PM Najib Razak finds an unwitting ally.

FYI, it’s a public holiday (Nuzul Quran) tomorrow, so you won’t be getting our morning love note. We’ll see you again on Friday!

Maybe we shouldn’t open our borders just yet

We talk vaccine efficacy and border reopenings following a case of vaccinated travellers in Sarawak testing positive for Covid-19.

Elsewhere, the gomen moots allowing blood donors to cut the vaccine queue; our Covid numbers rise again; plus Pakatan Harapan shows scandal-hit Anwar Ibrahim some PM love and announces a “big tent” approach in politics. Wait, a big what?

Burmese daze

A friendly visit by our ambassador to a Myanmar junta minister less than a week after our China “big brother” goof leaves many scratching their heads. Did no one at our foreign ministry get the ‘what-not-to-do’ handbook?

Elsewhere in today’s newsletter, the pressure’s on for both Anwar Ibrahim and Zahid Hamidi; Malaysia plans to send a precious gift to Bosnia; and we learn that a “public” hearing isn’t always public.

I lup you, you lup me

It seems if it’s not a video implicating one politician or another, it’s an audio recording. This time, it’s a scandalicious phone call (allegedly! allegedly!) between two political bigwigs being really pally-wally with each other.

In other news, a court hears how Jho Low is the devil incarnate, while in another, an ex-AG breaks down in tears. Meanwhile, it’s a Pakatan Harapan state gomen’s turn to be slammed for having no mercy; and have we forgotten the Covid lessons of the Sabah polls?!

Time to make some frog porridge

Several politicos are turning to the US of A for inspiration over an election process to possibly cure elected reps of their froggin’ ways.

In other news, critics warn that ‘vaccine passports’ may not be all that; there are renewed calls to push teachers up the vaccine recipient list; and Jibby Razak’s lead counsel steals the spotlight in Day 2 of the former PM’s appeal proceedings.

Is a fourth Covid wave coming?

Uh-oh! You better grab those masks, sanitise those hands and take a step back. Despite a somewhat stable daily Covid-19 case count, a rising infectivity rate has health authorities worrying of a possible fourth wave.

Elsewhere in today’s newsletter, a couple of ministers get slammed for their ice-cold responses to fresh grads’ low salaries; Warisan ditches Pakatan Harapan; and Najib Razak’s back in the hot seat with his graft conviction appeal.

What’s up “big bro”?

All he had to do was get in and get out. But two seemingly innocuous little words turn a minister’s working visit to China into a national debate.

Elsewhere in our newsletter, MIC adds salt to the whole Bersatu-Umno divorce by palling up with le PM; Malaysia’s got several plans regarding the AstraZeneca vaccine; and, some ballsy youths take the gomen to court.

Poor widdle Zahid baby

Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi faces mounting pressure from all directions as he sets his sights on GE15 and becoming PM9. Is it all just a pipe dream?

In other news, a dreaded strain of Covid-19 from South Africa makes its way to our shores; people are still whacking the gomen over its free-spending law; and there’s no sweeping the Undi18 issue under the rug.

Uproar over govt’s ‘free’ rein with public money

A shiny new ordinance – courtesy of le emergency order – will allow our prime minister as well as state leaders to access national/state purses pretty much freely. Shopping, anyone?

Elsewhere in today’s newsletter, it looks like PAS has finally ‘picked’ a side; more vaccines are a-coming; and could there be hope on the horizon for under-21 voters?