Column: Malaysian Politics on the Prowl

In her monthly column for Between The Lines, one of the finest analysts of Malaysian politics, Dr Bridget Welsh breaks down the Malaysian political landscape, including the politicos and their constant power plays, and looks ahead to what this means for the country and its people.

A Testing Year: Where to Malaysia in 2023?

It’s 2023. So what comes next for the new coalition government under Anwar Ibrahim, which has already inherited a bruised economy, scheming enemies and disillusioned voters? Political analyst Dr Bridget Welsh writes.

Democracy Protected: Is there unity in disunity?

Malaysia’s moving forward with its own brand of “unity government”. Noted political analyst Dr Bridget Welsh looks at whether all forces can find common ground for the common good, or remain as divided as water and oil.

GE15: Democracy Unexpected

It’s been a week since the mother of all polls and Malaysia has a new prime minister. But questions remain over the polarising election results. Noted political analyst Dr Bridget Welsh looks at Perikatan Nasional’s rise, Umno’s defeat, PH’s performance, and what it all means for Malaysian politics.

By Hook or by Crook? Umno’s Early GE15 Miscalculations

After months of Umno applying pressure, Malaysia’s PM Ismail Sabri Yaakob finally dissolves Parliament. But is triggering snap polls really the power move Umno thinks it is? Perhaps not, argues political analyst Dr Bridget Welsh.

A Leader Less Umno

While many celebrate the jailing of Najib Razak, not everyone’s happy. Political analyst Dr Bridget Welsh looks at how Umno continues to support its convicted former leader and how the court decision affects internal power struggles.

Against the Odds: Malaysia’s Stronger Parliament

Amid upheaval and uncertainty, political analyst Dr Bridget Welsh argues that Malaysia’s Parliament has notched a number of important firsts. But can this period of democratic maturity last, and for how long?

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