Column: Malaysian Politics on the Prowl

In her monthly column for Between The Lines, one of the finest analysts of Malaysian politics, Dr Bridget Welsh breaks down the Malaysian political landscape, including the politicos and their constant power plays, and looks ahead to what this means for the country and its people.

The ‘Anything but PAS’ Movement

COLUMN | With all-important state polls on the horizon, political analyst Bridget Welsh looks at the rise of PAS, evolving opposition towards the Islamist party,
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Rise of Neo-Malay Ethnonationalism

Forces appear to be using proclamations on race and religion to dial the tension up to 11 and destabilise, divide and shape the country. But

Malaysia Baharu: Five Years On

The historic May 9, 2018, election saw the fall of BN, which had ruled for over 6 decades. Yet, “New Malaysia” turned out to be

Umno Party Polls: Zahid and the Golkarisation of Umno?

Internal Umno polls have come and gone and it certainly looks good for party big boss Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. But is it equally good for
PMX at 100 Days: Anwar Out of the Gate

PMX at 100 Days: Anwar Out of the Gate

3-plus months is perhaps not enough time to gauge the performance of his government. Yet, the Anwar administration has hit some positive, negative and iffy

Slash and Burn: A look at Anwar’s trimming of MP funds

Putrajaya's sudden news that it’ll be snipping off a huge chunk of funds meant for use in MPs' constituencies, to save money, shocked many. Political