A Return For Umno? Special Edition
A Return for Umno?

Amidst all the debate about the rights and wrongs of last week’s war of words …

A Return For Umno?
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problems-of-malaysian-youth-muktasim-azlan-unsplash Question and Answer
The Problems Of Malaysia’s Youth

We often hear the phrase “the problem with youths today…”, followed by a laundry list of all the things wrong with em. But how often do we hear “the problems facing youths today…” instead?

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way-forward-malaysia-main-withsig4 Special Edition
A Way Forward For Malaysia

No country’s been spared the ravages of Covid-19. But in Malaysia, the pandemic has coincided with political turmoil and arguably the greatest period of instability in the nation’s history. Political analyst Bridget Welsh explores these issues – and more importantly, what can be done to fix them.

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main-feature-1800x1200 Special Edition
Unequal Before The Law: How Malaysian Moms And Their Kids Are Second-class Citizens

Thousands of children the world over are stuck without Malaysian citizenship, innocent victims of archaic, sexist laws which deny Malaysian women the rights men have to automatically confer citizenship to offspring born abroad. For over six decades, little’s been done to make things right.

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medical-story-12june2 Special Edition
Last PICK: Why GPs Didn’t Get An Early Shot At Malaysia’s Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout

One of the biggest question marks about Malaysia’s Covid-19 vaccine drive is why general practitioners were not roped in to inoculate the public sooner. G. FOXLEY looks into the myriad reasons why this happened, and more importantly, where we go from here.

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langkawai-hero Special Edition
Langkawi’s Artificial Islands: A Future Without Nature?

Known as the Jewel of Kedah, Langkawi –– an archipelago of islands nestled comfortably at the point where the Straits of Malacca and the great Andaman Sea meet –– has long been a popular holiday destination for Malaysians and international tourists looking to leave the bustle of dusty city life for Malaysian hospitality, sandy beaches and turquoise waters. But Langkawi’s popularity comes at a price.

Marine biologist DHIVYA NAIR makes a case for why heavy development and land reclamation could take more from the island than it claims it will give.

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madday-hero-image3 Special Edition
The Impossible Dream: How And Why Mahathir’s Vision 2020 Failed

Exactly 30 years ago, on Feb 28, 1991, Malaysia’s then prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad articulated a grand plan to raise the country to developed nation status by 2020. The vision he painted was one of a united, liberal Malaysia, where every race enjoyed the spoils of the nation’s collective success. Despite positive reverberations in the beginning, three decades later, it’s clear the dream never came to pass. EDWARD GOMEZ tries to determine why.

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inverted-pyramid-mainfeature2 Special Edition
Making Sense Of Budget 2021’s Ethnic Fault Lines

The issue of ethnically-targeted allocations rears its ugly head around this time every year when the federal budget is tabled. Yet, public perception may not reflect the full reality. Could better understanding of the disparity mean a better push for alternative allocations and an end to this cycle of anger?

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indiansinmalaysia-hero2 Special Edition
Different Class: The Marginalisation Of Indians In Malaysia

The indentured labour system, which replaced slavery in British colonies, kept millions of Indians in servitude, misery, poverty and disease. Today, its legacy is not just a global Indian diaspora but, for Indians in Malaysia, ongoing misfortunes. Mangai Balasegaram investigates.

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infodemic Special Edition
The Covid Infodemic: To Err Is Human, To Share Is Criminal?

In this fear-heightened landscape of Covid-19, our better-safe-than-sorry approach to sharing information could land us in hot soup with authorities.

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A boy playing a football during haze strikes Malaysia's landmark Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur 15 Jun 2013. PIX Firdaus Latif Haze
Chronicles Of The Elusive Malaysian Haze Act

How a scrapped law could set us back in our battle against the haze.

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btl-sabah-politics Special Edition
The Sabah Political Crisis: What It Means For Pakatan, Perikatan And Malaysia

The events of July 2020 plunged Sabah into a political crisis. Here’s how this imbroglio affects all of us.

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btl-covid19-xenophobia-main2 Special Edition
Covid-19: When A Pandemic Collides With Xenophobia

In this special report, Between The Lines looks as the racialisation of Covid-19 and how the illness has brought out the worst in us.

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sunset-1200x800 Special Edition
The ‘New Normal’: What It Means For Malaysians – Part 2

In the second of this two-part series, we take a look at how the ‘new normal’ will affect our social interactions – how we eat, play and pray.

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btl-covid19-newnormal2 Special Edition
The ‘New Normal’: What It Means For Malaysians

The “new normal” is a word bandied about so much in recent days. In this two part series, Between The Lines takes a look at what moving forward would actually look like for Malaysia as we emerge from over two months under near total lockdown.

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hariraya-covid19-d Special Edition
Life, And Hari Raya, In The Age Of Covid-19

Some took a hit while others fared better than most. But the past couple of months have showcased the resilience of Malaysians in facing this crisis and rising above it.

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water-bill Special Edition
What’s Fueling The Spike In Air Selangor’s Water Bill?

If you live in Selangor, you may have noticed something strange with your water bill. There’s a reason for that.

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featured-img-6 Special Edition
Battling The Beast Within: The Psychological Trauma Of Covid-19

By Darshini Kandasamy This article was first published on April 22, 2020. It came out …

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Rohingya refugees have put together a semblance of a life and normalcy in Malaysia, such as in this settlement near Batu Caves. Special Edition
Coming Of Age In Exile

In this article, we examine the lives of Rohingya refugees in Malaysia and explore how they rebuild their shattered hopes and dreams.

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Malaysia Baru Featured Special Edition
Malaysia Baru vs Malaysia Lama: What’s Changed?

We ask illustrators to give us their perspective on how different Malaysia really is since the first change in government in the country’s history.

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A Land Without Time Featured Special Edition
A Land Without Time

In this heartrending essay, we look into the fates of the Batek, a tribe of indigenous people whose lives and lifestyles are being obliterated by the relentless march of time and “progress”.

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forest-firefighting-helicopter Haze
Here’s How Much The Haze Costs Us

By Dr Helena Varkkey While the dark and dreary days of September may be fading …

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A foggy morning from the window of my office building in Kuala Lumpur Haze
No Smoke Without Fire: The Politics of Haze in Southeast Asia

After three years of relatively clear skies, the haze reappeared in Malaysia in 2019. One …

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Enemies Strangely Similar Featured Special Edition
Mahathir & Lee Kuan Yew: Enemies Strangely Similar, Yet Decidedly Dissimilar

In this piece, a veteran journalist examines the complex relationship between Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Lee Kuan Yew.

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warm-and-cozy-1975215_1280 Special Edition
BetweenTheLines December Special

In this Christmas note, we update our subscribers on our work in 2019 and get their feedback on what else they’d like to see from Between the Lines.

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All Creatures Great Featured Special Edition
All Creatures Great and Small, Can Malaysia Save Them All?

In this second of a two-part report, we look at how the Malayan Tiger has slid into the brink of extinction.

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Malaysia's Rhinos Featured 2 Special Edition
Malaysia’s Rhinos: The Long Goodbye

In this first of a two-part report on Malaysian wildlife, we write about how Malaysia’s rhinos went extinct and became lost to the world.

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