Special Report
Special Report

Happy Malaysia Day!

Malaysia Day

“The road to nationhood has not been an easy journey. Surprises and disappointments, tension and crisis, have marred the way.

The peoples of Malaysia, however, have endured all trials and tribulations with confidence and patience, calmness and forbearance, with faith in our final goal — Malaysia.

— Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman’s Malaysia Day Speech, Sept 16, 1963

Hi folks!

We hope you’re having a love-filled, fun and most importantly, safe Malaysia Day.

We’ve teamed up with the cutest spud-loving art power duo The Potato Couple to bring you this Malaysia Day special!

We want to honour the dedicated and courageous frontliners nationwide who’ve given so much to care for us over the past two years, as the wonderful illustration below shows.

We have much to reflect on this Malaysia Day. After all, we’ve come far as a nation, not just over the past 58 years but also over the last two, when the bonds of nationhood have been tested like never before as we endured wave upon wave of Covid-19.

There has been ugliness, with the pandemic taking a heavy toll on human life, mental health and livelihoods, while politics and double standards chip away at our health strategy. 

But there’s also been so much light, with #kitajagakita reminding us that the Malaysian spirit isn’t bound by state borders or race or religion 

But one of the brightest lights has been what’s cast by our medical frontliners. They are the women and men who often put their own wellbeing aside to care for the sick and dying.

So folks, while we remember and give thanks to the sacrifices of our forefathers (and foremothers!), lets also say thanks our frontliners and all those working tirelessly for us. 

Selamat Hari Malaysia! 

The Potato Couple is made up of power husband-wife duo Jason and Ymei. The Penangites created J&Y Productions, the company behind the vastly popular webcomic page, as students back in 2013, using the power of cute and art to amass an army of close to a million potatoes on Facebook and Instagram. Follow their projects here.

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