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Between The Lines newsletter has teamed teaming up with the coolest T-shirt printing company Cheapreme to create exclusive tees, including some featuring your favourite BTL artworks from selected special reports!
Between the Lies
Between The LINES

What’s Malaysian politics without all the drama, mudslinging, name-calling, accusations, and well, creative spinning? This was also the logo we used during our coverage of the 15th general election (subtle, no?).

Are we burying our heads in the sand?

In this exclusive piece, prominent lawyer and activist Ambiga Sreenevasan addresses institutional failures, graft, and abuse of power, and fears time is running out for change. You can read the commentary here.

Stronger Dewan Rakyat
Stronger Dewan Rakyat?

Amid upheaval and uncertainty, political analyst and BTL columnist Dr Bridget Welsh argues that Malaysia’s Parliament was strengthened in many ways. You can read the commentary here.

Unequal Before The Law: How Malaysian Moms And Their Kids Are Second-class Citizens
Unequal Before The Law: How Malaysian Moms And Their Kids Are Second-class Citizens

Thousands of children are stuck without Malaysian citizenship, innocent victims of archaic, sexist laws which deny Malaysian women the rights men have to automatically confer citizenship to offspring born abroad. You can read the commentary here.

Women in danger: Malaysia’s mental health crisis
Women in danger: Malaysia’s mental health crisis

Amidst a protracted pandemic, an increasing number of Malaysians have been driven to despair and suicide, but data revealed that more women had killed themselves than men. Why is this happening? You can read the special report here.

Between the Lines
BTL logo original

Our Between The Lines logo. ‘Nuff said. Thumbs up.

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Started off as a parody in April 2021, Cheapreme Brand is a Community-Profit-Sharing platform disguised as a t-shirt printing brand, where every t-shirt sold, a portion from the sales (approximately RM10-13) will be used to purchase a bag of rice (5kg) and donated to a family in need via a local NGO, volunteer groups, and state assemblyperson’’s local office.

Each of our t-shirts is uniquely based on current issues, using humor and design to make a point. Every person who bought the T-shirt based on any campaign, such as #SehelaiTshirtSekampitBeras, their name will be listed as a contributor. Our unofficial tagline is, ‘Kualiti KAYANGAN, Harga Marhaen’, focusing on the Premium Quality t-shirts with affordable price tags alongside our motto, #ByRakyat4Rakyat.

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