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  • Weekly drops of our wickedly funny ‘Kita Semua Penghasut’ graphic art column, illustrated by the talented Fahmi Reza
  • Updates and instant access to every new Between The Lines special report

Our weekly commentary

We’ve teamed up with renowned political graphic artist Fahmi Reza to spice things up with the ‘Kita Semua Penghasut’ weekly commentary. It’s cheeky, at times biting, and always real. View our past editions.

#KerajaanGagal you say?

We hope PM Moo & Co. are sitting up. Twitterjaya's hotting up as Malaysians take to venting their frustrations at le gomen.

No ballots for the young...yet!

No ballots for the young...yet!

The Election Commission ruffles mucho feathers by delaying Undi 18 to next year.

Call me, call me any, anytime

🎶Call me, call me any, anytime🎶

It was the phone call heard around the country. But what to make of Anwar's and Zahid's alleged hot n' heavy phone chat?

Here we are!

Meet the gang behind BTL. We’re a cheery bunch!

Eric Tee

Product & Design

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Edward Gomez and Leslie Andres, Our Writers

These fine-looking gents are the heart and soul of the operation. They have over two decades of experience each. The handsome bloke on your left is Edward. He’s currently pursuing his PhD, was formerly at The Star and is one of the best music journalists in the country, btw! Leslie, meanwhile, was formerly at NST where he was one of the paper's top experts in the crime and defence beats.

Darshini Kandasamy, Our Editor

A.k.a Darsh Kanda. She’s a two-time Malaysian Press Institute award-winner (don’t play-play!). Darsh was previously an assistant editor at Malaysiakini, and prior to that, a journalist and editor at the Malay Mail. She’s also a part-time artist, you may recognise her work in our 2019 Merdeka special as well as on the mastheads of our daily newsletters. 

Eric Tee, Product & Design

We call him The Oracle. Based across the straits in Singapore (don’t judge him for his choice of country of residence), Eric is a veteran of Yahoo, Singapore Press Holdings, and Mediacorp where he used his expertise in design and product development to run a variety of successful product launches, and editorial and branded content campaigns over the past decade.

Marc Lourdes, BTL Founder

The One Who Started It All. Marc was a journalist with The Star and The New Straits Times many moons ago. He later became editor-in-chief of Yahoo Malaysia, Yahoo Singapore and subsequently, Yahoo Southeast Asia before joining CNN as the Digital Director of Asia. These days, he takes a backseat and spends his time ranting about football on Twitter while the rest of the team run the BTL show. 

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