All Creatures Great Featured Special Edition
All Creatures Great and Small, Can Malaysia Save Them All?

In this second of a two-part report, we look at how the Malayan Tiger has slid into the brink of extinction.

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Malaysia's Rhinos Featured 2 Special Edition
Malaysia’s Rhinos: The Long Goodbye

In this first of a two-part report on Malaysian wildlife, we write about how Malaysia’s rhinos went extinct and became lost to the world.

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forest-firefighting-helicopter Haze
Here’s How Much The Haze Costs Us

By Dr Helena Varkkey While the dark and dreary days of September may be fading …

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A foggy morning from the window of my office building in Kuala Lumpur Haze
No Smoke Without Fire: The Politics of Haze in Southeast Asia

After three years of relatively clear skies, the haze reappeared in Malaysia in 2019. One …

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Enemies Strangely Similar Featured Special Edition
Enemies Strangely Similar and Decidedly Dissimilar

In this piece, a veteran journalist examines the complex relationship between Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Lee Kuan Yew.

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warm-and-cozy-1975215_1280 Special Edition
BetweenTheLines December Special

In this Christmas note, we update our subscribers on our work in 2019 and get their feedback on what else they’d like to see from Between the Lines.

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