CMCO screws with Anwar’s plans

The King’s postponed his meetings with party leaders due to Covid-19, so it looks like Anwar Ibrahim must put his plans to move into Seri Perdana on hold for a little bit longer. Meanwhile, what role does Umno, and more specifically Ku Li, play in all this?

In other news, we’ve bizarrely matched Tuesday’s record of new Covid infections and deaths, while the Macau scam crackdown is playing out like a TV drama, what with big-name arrests and even a daring escape attempt.

The fine art of politicking

It was supposed to be a day of answers but in the end, we were left with more questions. Despite big pressers by Anwar Ibrahim, even a rare one by PM Muhyiddin Yassin, not a whole lot was actually said.

In other news, it’s another record-breaking day of Covid-19 infections (are you as tired of reading that as we are of writing it?), some clarity was finally served up about the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), and something’s going down with AirAsia.

For our own good?

It’s hoped Malaysia will be on course for a full recovery as more than a third of the country’s population will be under a Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) come Wednesday. And like before, this has been sprung on us with very little warning and clarity.

In other news, Malaysia shoots past 5,000 active Covid-19 cases, the crapfest in Sabah get crappier, PM Moo launches a massive cybersecurity initiative for Malaysia, and Anwar Ibrahim has a date with the King … and the cops!

Hang in there, it ain’t pretty

More than 1,000 new Covid-19 infections and a slew of deaths were recorded in the past three days. Sabah hospitals struggle to cope, while hundreds of schools begin closing.

Meanwhile, politicians are falling over themselves to deny allegiance to everyone’s favourite potential prime minister Anwar Ibrahim in his Putrajaya f̶a̶n̶t̶a̶s̶y̶ takeover bid.

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There’s no stopping the wheels of politics

So much for that call for a political ceasefire. Our politicos are on the warpath once more and Anwar Ibrahim is forging on with his Putrajaya takeover bid as he looks set to meet the King.

Meanwhile, our daily infection numbers dipped nominally for the second day in a row, but that’s about the only good news as far as Covid-19 is concerned; and Malaysia Airlines looks to be continuing inexorably towards its fate of death by a thousand cuts.

Leave politics at the door

There’s an ever so slight dip in the number of new Covid-19 cases in the country yesterday. Still, the number of active cases being treated are at an all-time high.

Recent surge in numbers has led to calls for the Batu Sapi state election to be postponed or left uncontested; while our young politicians want a political ceasefire (meaning no coups or elections!) – least til the health crisis is over. Ambitious? Or just plain nuts?

Worst day yet

Sadly, a one-year-old girl is Malaysia’s youngest Covid-19 fatality. Added to our grief, we’re officially at the worst level since the Covid-19 pandemic hit our shores with a record-breaking tally of new infections (again) and active cases.

Meanwhile, our glorious PM Muhyiddin Yassin confirms there’ll be no MCO 2.0. However, instead of soothing our concerns, our PM riles us up with a lawak bodoh that falls so very flat; and a temporary travel ban will soon be imposed in and out of Sabah.

Is the Covid-19 net closing in on us again?

The government may not be considering a full-scale lockdown right now. But the way our Covid-19 numbers are skyrocketing, it might be prudent to consider putting the brakes on things like social events and religious gatherings.

In other news, almost the entire Cabinet is in quarantine mode thanks to a minster testing positive for the coronavirus, Ku Nan scores an RM17 million discount, and the horrible water situation in Selangor shows no signs of getting better.

The Covid blame game

The government did an ace job of managing things in the early days of the pandemic. But as Malaysia’s Covid-19 numbers go up again, the feeling among the rakyat is that the powers that be are just not leading in the way they’re expected to – and worse still, refusing to take responsibility for their fumbles.

Elsewhere in today’s newsletter, the Higher Education Ministry cocks up by being wishy-washy, police and the MCMC probe porn chat groups, and an MP’s demise means we’ll be facing yet another by-election in Sabah.

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