Does the dip in Covid infections mean the situation’s getting better?

Covid-19 recoveries are rising while daily infections are falling. But don’t bust out the party hats just yet — it’s still hard to tell if we’re on the path out of the woods.

Also in today’s newsletter, PM Muhyiddin Yassin places Malaysia on the yellow brick road to national unity by 2030; there’re more revelations from the 1MDB trial; and several coppers face the axe over the rape of a teen in a Miri lockup.

Have roadblocks kept us safe or added to our woes?

Helloooooo. Did you miss us? Coz we sure missed you! We enjoyed the break though and hope you did too. Anyway, it’s back to work, so on with the show!

Police roadblocks in MCO-era Malaysia are meant to keep us safe. Yet, incidents of harassment involving women (allegedly! allegedly!) suggest that’s not always the case.

Elsewhere, our Covid-19 numbers dip slightly; the gomen promises free vaccines for all; a minister’s in hot water again for apparently breaking SOP; and Umno leaders deny knowledge of a secret slush fund.

Are we getting the true Covid-19 picture?

The number of daily infections may not actually reflect our true Covid-19 numbers. But if you’re wondering whether the stats have been “tweaked” to justify opening up more business sectors, yesterday’s tally might suggest that it ain’t the case.

Elsewhere, the outrage over the three-day quarantine for ministers continues, Putrajaya may keep the ban on interstate and inter-district travel, and some (more) interesting things about Najib Razak and gang crop up.

We’re taking a break tomorrow for CNY, so we’d like to wish our Chinese readers Gong Xi Fa Cai. We’ll see you Monday!

More MCO regulations eased

The government, in all its wisdom, sees fit to loosen MCO 2.0 restrictions. How’s that when we’ve only just managed to bring our daily numbers down?

Meanwhile, the gomen’s still getting shite for that silly three-day quarantine ruling; we finally get the “independent” emergency advisory committee list of names; and, a pandemic isn’t going to get in the way of some good ol’ Umno politicking!

Apparently, some Malaysians are more equal than others

Covid-19 mayn’t be able to distinguish between government joes and us ordinary joes, but that ain’t stopping Putrajaya from relaxing quarantine rules for our ministers.

Elsewhere in today’s newsletter, we break the daily death record again; Malaysia’s poor are hit hard by the pandemic; and our favourite h̶a̶m̶b̶u̶r̶g̶l̶a̶r̶ bandit returns to the spotlight.

Look ma, new CNY SOPs!

Gōngxǐ gōngxǐ! After a barrage of criticism, the powers-that-be issues a new set of rules for the coming Chinese New Year celebrations.

Elsewhere in today’s newsletter, the Covid-19 vaccination plan kicks into gear despite a lack of clarity; a woman wins her years-long case to be declared non-Muslim; and we all saw this coming – Big Brother pores over Tommy Thomas’s book.

Coming soon: Vaccinations!

We finally get a more detailed timeline for the national Covid-19 vaccination plan. The good news is it’ll start at the end of this month!

In the meantime, the government allows more businesses to open and releases the SOPs for the coming Chinese New Year. Also in the news, the courts discipline a senior judge and deal a “young” political party a blow.

A grim Covid-19 milestone

We’ve crossed another unwanted Covid-19 milestone as our death count mounts. Meanwhile, while we’re restricted to movements within a 10km-radius of our homes, our beloved leader’ll be in Indonesia tomorrow.

In other news, all economic sectors may be allowed to reopen soon; another political bigwig has been found guilty of corruption; and, the hits keep piling up against our ex-AG.

M.C.Oh boy, here we go again!

We’re gonna have to face another two weeks of MCO with, apparently, stricter rules. Covidiots, beware. VVIPs? We dunno.

Meanwhile, our daily Covid-19 numbers took another dip, only don’t celebrate just yet. In other news, a judge in hot water for alleging judiciary abuses hits a bump in his case. Speaking of hot water, our ex-attorney general continues to ruffle feathers over his autobiography.

Is an extended lockdown on the cards?

It’s T-minus two days until the current iteration of the MCO’s set to end. But, will it end?

In other news, our Covid-19 numbers come down (slightly) after a three-day high; legal eagles discuss our ex-AG’s new book; a Bersatu man’s wife faces the gallows over some Mary Jane; and all hail Nicol David – the world’s greatest!

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